B·R·A·H·M·S PCT - Assays

Today a variety of assays in serum and plasma are available for PCT determination.

Results available 19 minutes to 2.5 hours - depending on the method used. Choice of assay depends on intended clinical use (see Figure below).

Please contact B·R·A·H·M·S customer service or use our contact form if you have questions regarding the appropriate assay technology for your clinical setting.

2017 overview pct assays

Figure: Application of available PCT assays for various clinical settings (adapted from Christ-Crain & Müller (2005) 
Cut-offs for clinical decision making (e.g. decision on prescription and duration of AB therapy) depend on the clinical setting. E.g., for patients with COPD and suspicion of infection antibiotics would be prescribed already at a lower PCT value compared to a trauma patient without concomitant disease.
Decision to prescribe or withhold antibiotics should be re-assessed within the (second) 6-24 hours based on the patients clinical picture and PCT level. These values should also be considered in the clinical decision making process regarding the duration of antibiotic therapy as well as consideration of the clinical course of the disease.

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