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Educational events in support of Sepsis Awareness Month

Thermo Fisher Scientific has worked with Sepsis Alliance, the Global Sepsis Alliance, and other advocates to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of sepsis during Sepsis Awareness Month September. We're pleased to offer the following educational events in support of Sepsis Awareness Month.

Sponsored Webinar:

The Blind Spot of Antibiotic Stewardship: Antibiotic Overuse at Discharge

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Appropriate antibiotic use is critical to improve patient outcomes and reduce adverse harm and antibiotic resistance. Half of all antibiotic use related to acute hospitalization for infection occurs after hospital discharge, yet most antibiotic stewardship programs don’t target prescribing at discharge. Thus, while antibiotics when prescribed appropriately can be life-saving, often times antibiotics prescribed at discharge extend beyond duration typically recommended for the infection and are inappropriate or unnecessary. Hosted by the Sepsis Alliance and sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, this webinar will address the current state of antibiotic use at discharge, discuss why providers often overprescribe at discharge, and help improve prescribing and patient outcomes.

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Webinars for Healthcare Professionals (Sepsis Alliance)

Webinar series "Sepsis: Across the Continuum of Care"
Supported by our license partner bioMérieux

This webinar series is aimed at addressing sepsis education and subtopics across the entire continuum of care – from critical care nurses to home care staff.

Communicating with Sepsis Patients: A Survivor’s Story

There are an estimated 1.4 million patients who survive sepsis each year in the United States. Hear firsthand from Darrell Raikes, a sepsis survivor and 2019 Erin Kay Flatley Spirit Award Winner, as he discusses his 32-day ICU stay and ensuing recovery. Participants will learn about post-sepsis physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges faced by many sepsis survivors. A Critical Care specialist will review the importance of early sepsis recognition to improve patient outcomes. There will also be a discussion on communication strategies to ensure that patients and their healthcare team have a mutual understanding of the patient’s condition after sepsis is diagnosed and treated.

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