ISICEM 2018 (International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine)

brahms-pct-procalcitonin-intensive-careThermo Fisher Scientific is sponsor of the International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM). We recommend the following presentations, highlighting the biomarkers Procalcitonin, Proadrenomedullin and Copeptin:


Tuesday, March 20: Diagnostic tools in infection and sepsis

  • Prof. Dr. med. Patrick Meybohm: "Proadrenomedullin is the best".
    15.00–15:15, Silver Hall


Thursday, March 22: Sepsis in special populations

  • Prof. Dr. Gaëtan Gavazzi: "In older populations".
    9:15–9:30, Studio (Bozar)


Thursday, March 22: Coronary syndromes

  • Prof. Dr. Evangelos Giannitsis: "Fast diagnostic protocols".
    10:20–10:35, Lippens Room


Friday, March 23: Cardiac Problems

  • Prof. Dr. Evangelos Giannitsis: "Biomarkers for accelerating management of patients in acute cardiac care".
    13:45–14:00, Lippens Room


You will find us at our ISICEM booth no. 2.42-2.43 in the exhibition area. Our team looks forward to meet you there.

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