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Sepsis Awareness Month

In 2011, Sepsis Alliance designated September as Sepsis Awareness Month to put a spotlight on sepsis and sepsis awareness.
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WSC Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis

On September 12, 2017 join this free online congress organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) who have joined forces to host this WSC Spotlight.
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World Sepsis Day, September 13

World Sepsis Day has been established in 2012 as an initiative by the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA). World Sepsis Day on September 13 is an annual opportunity for people worldwide to fight against Sepsis. Thermo Fisher Scientific has been a sponsor from the start.
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Sepsis Heroes 

Sepsis Allicance is hosting the 6th Annual Sepsis Heroes event on Sep 14, 2017 in New York City. The event coincides with the "Sepsis Awareness Month". Sepsis Heroes is sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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International congresses of interest:


EuroMedLab 2017

Athens, Greece
June 11-15, 2017


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ESICM Lives 2017

European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
Vienna, Austria
September 23-27, 2017


EuSEM 2017

European Congress on Emergency Medicine
Athens, Greece
September 24-27, 2017



International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
Brussels, Belgium
March 20-23, 2018

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