Procalcitonin (PCT) is an innovative parameter which reacts with high sensitivity and specificity to bacterial infection and sepsis. It correlates better than all other existing parameters to the inflammatory activity of the immune system and can be used to diagnose and to monitor severe bacterial infections and sepsis.

Sensitive measurement techniques with B·R·A·H·M·S PCT assays allow detection of subtle PCT elevations in serum and plasma.  So the detection of clinically relevant bacterial infections becomes possible at a much earlier stage of the diasease.

In this chapter you will find the basic information about utilisation of PCT for clinical assessment and therapeutic decision making in patients with lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI).

More detailed information, e.g. in Christ-Crain M & Mueller B, Swiss Med. Wkly 2005, 135:451-460 and in Schuetz P et al., Expert Rev. Anti Infect. Ther. 2010, 8(5), 575-587 in and by contacting our customer service.


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