Free Webinar: ABS Goes Live

Implementation of PCT-aided ABS protocols

From real-life integration to long-term benefits and MDRO reduction


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e-isiscem-2020-speaker-e-giamarellosPCT-aided antimicrobial treatment in sepsis: impact on infections by MDRO and Clostridioides difficile and mortality
Evangelos J. Giamarellos-Bourboulis, University of Athens, Greece

e-isicem-2020-speaker-a-kwaImplementing PCT into antibiotic stewardship (ABS) protocols – impact on clinical and health-economic outcome
Andrea Kwa Lay Hoon, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

During this webinar, participants will:

  • Get to know the most recent data on the long-term impact of PCT-guided antibiotic stewardship protocols in the rate of infections caused by MDRO and Clostridioides difficile and on mortality.
  • Gain an understanding from real-life experience of how to integrate PCT algorithms into hospital antibiotic stewardship programs and their medical and health-economic impact.

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